…by the time I got to #5 I drew the connection to my behavior when completing my dissertation

  1. Cleaned already clean toilets (I convinced myself …cuz COVID).
  2. Learned to cook Saag Paneer
  3. Started and finalized a PowerPoint presentation with a sample script for an invited workshop, two months away.
  4. Created ‘cubicles’ out of tri-fold poster board for my kiddos so they could better concentrate (get away with things without me seeing ← unintended reality).
  5. Created a road trip itinerary from the east coast to the west coast in case…, well, just in case.
  6. Finally completed the task in the lone…

Our amazing educators are missing the ‘old days’ and the face-to-face connections with their students. The majority of K12 teachers talk about how much kids want to return to the classroom. Parents are worried about their children's lack of social opportunities while learning at home… lack of routine… missing their teachers. How much do we know about what the students are thinking and wanting?

Imagine the virus is no longer a threat and the school doors open. Who is returning? …and are we ready for them? We hear often about “the new normal” or returning to things “the way they…

Resources for creating a ‘take-a-deep-breath’ module in your online course

Photo Camping after a Storm by Michelle Bartlett

Students sometimes reach out to share stressful events that are weighing on them, partly to get the words and emotions out and partly to brainstorm a plan on how to navigate the rest of the semester and build a plan for successful course completion. During the Spring and Summer 2020 semesters, the number of stressful events was exponentially increased. …

What Is Netiquette?

First discussed in the 1990s, netiquette has been defined as “the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet” (dictionary.com)

Managing time between life and work can be a challenge and is often discussed. I would like to talk about managing the balancing act within the job. Toward the end of the semester, many faculty find themselves working in two semesters at once. Half of me giving a full effort in the current semester, lifting my students to the finish line, and half of me giving a full effort to prepare for the next semester’s courses. This can often be felt when we receive an email asking for an extension on a final paper while receiving another email asking for…

Michelle Bartlett, Ph.D.

Faculty Scholar | Online Course Designer | Researcher | ❤ outdoors ❤ SUP ❤ travel ❤

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